About SFTS

Stand For The Silent Message

Everybody is of value.  We are all different, and we are all important.  Bullying and mistreatment is not OK in any circumstance.  We all, including the students, need to take a stand when they observe these acts of mean spirited actions.  We want to let the abused and the ones doing the abuse know that there are options for them to change the situation.  There is help and there is hope. 
Stand For The Silent History 
Stand For The Silent was started in 2010 by a group of high school students in Oklahoma City, OK, after they heard the story of Ti-Field Smalley.  At eleven years old, Ty took his own life after being suspended from school for retaliating against a bully that had been bullying him for over two years.  Stand For The Silent exists to offer education and tools that help to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening.
Since 2010, Kirk and Laura Smalley have traveled to hundreds of schools and spoken to over 670,000 kids!  In March of 2010, Kirk and Laura met with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House prior to attending the first ever White House Conference on bullying. 
Our mission is to make a stand in our community against bullying, and no longer allow or turn our backs on it.  We will together, working with other community groups, and make it known that bullying is not tolerated in our schools and our community.
We will promote awareness and educate children, parents and the community on bullying and self-harm.