Sara Elizabeth Berkhimer
11/30/1986 - 09/26/2014

Sara was a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air to those whose lives she had touched. She was always willing to help anyone who needed it. She loved fishing, camping, and writing poetry.  Her accomplishments in life would include 8 poems published, her proudest one to the Library of Congress. Sara was so proud to be a volunteer for Stand for the Silent. She wanted to make a difference so no other child or young adult endured being bullied. Sara had a wonderful personality, her laugh and her smile would warm your heart.
Here is Sara's story:
She encountered bullying for the first time when she was 5 years old.  She was so short that most of the students and teachers never saw her trying to get through the door.  She came home with bruises on her forehead from the door.  As she got older in third and fourth grade, many of the children would trip her or fling her ears because she had cup-shaped ears.  Most of the kids thought it was funny.  As she entered middle school, she was involved in field hockey and was a straight A student.  As I recall talking with Sara, her middle school years were her best years.  Once she entered high school, while Sara still continued to be a straight A student, she was ridiculed by many of her school mates because she was quiet and different.   While there were many encounters of bullying, the one that affected her the most was being cornered by three boys and forced into a locker where they continually laughed while she cried, begging to get out of there.  This was her 10th grade year.  She held alot inside. She turned to self-harm.  Many family members and friends didn't understand and called her an "attention seeker."  This just pushed her further and further into depression.  While she had the love and support of some friends and family, there were more who ridiculed her than tried to understand.
As an adult, Sara continued to look for friends to understand, but always seemed to be rejected.  She never left anyone know that she was hurting, only those that she could trust that wouldn't make fun of her.
In 2014, Sara went to a benefit for Stand for the Silent.  She loved it, became a volunteer, and wanted to make a difference to help those children that encountered bullying. She wanted to share her story. Sadly on September 26, 2014, she ended her fight and life. 
Her dream to make a difference through Stand for the Silent continues on through Kirk Smalley and the Official site (